There’s No Place Like Home


It’s official.

I’m homesick. Sigh. I try so hard to distract myself, to remind myself that it’s only been five weeks. That’s nothing. Barely over a month. It’s completely ridiculous. Completely irrational. And yet here I am, almost twenty-one years old and I miss my momma.

But I will not be ashamed.

No amount of rationalizing or reasoning will mend the aching within me. Phone calls just don’t cut it anymore. They’ve become nothing more than cheap, brightly colored band aids that lose their stickiness mere seconds after application & leave this gaping wound called loneliness exposed to infection once again. Spring term is always bitter sweet. The environment improves here on campus, new activities and hours to spend in the sun. But I yearn to be home. And it feels like this yellow brick road will never reach the Emerald City. 


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