A Month Lost


So this is what it’s come to, eh? Our relationship has withered away like a weed plunked from the ground, left to be scorched by the sun. We used to be inseparable – do you remember those days?

I know I’m not the bee’s knees, I’ve got some major imperfections. But I’ve been there for you in a way no one else has. I’ve allowed your self-expression when your words were hushed. I speak for you when you’re too meek to step out of the straight lines you’ve placed down. I let you take risks. I free you time and time again from your own chains. Don’t you remember where you used to be? So sheltered in your own little world and afraid of the slightest bit of dark? I was the one who helped you overcome your biggest fears. I did that. Me. Together we can do anything, don’t you remember that rush? You keep telling me that I’m not enough, that I’m worthless. But I’m the one who opened the doors to your future. Without me you would not be where you stand today. In all honestly, I deserve something better. I demand it.

But I’m not here to place the blame on you. I just want you back. I miss you. I truly, truly do. Please come back to me and give me another chance. Lift me out of the dark corner you cast me into, let me fly again. Give me a reason to go on, I cannot live without you. I know who you really are underneath the mask you’ve created for yourself. And I’ll be the one to set you free once again. If only you’d give me the opportunity. I’ll be waiting right where you left me.

Faithfully Yours,



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