Day 03: Majik


Day 03. January 3, 2012

If you told me three years ago that my present self would be excited to eat middle-eastern cuisine – that of lamb curry, cucumber yogurt, authentic hummus, and tabouli – I would call you crazy.

It is embarrassing for me to reveal that my younger self was – for lack of a better adjective- quite…American. Comfortable to eat the same mundane and uninspiring meals, never expanding my taste palette beyond the borders of my home. I won’t dive into all the issues I have with the typical “American” lifestyle, that is not what this post is about. No, no. We’re solely focusing on food today.

I pride myself in eating well and continually trying new international dishes. And getting them as authentic as they can come is key. Today my love and I shared lunch at Casablanca on 5th Street just a few blocks off campus. And while the food was delicious, I must say my favorite part was sipping on Jered’s glass of majik. A delicious drink similar to iced tea, but far superior in flavor. With hints of lemon and mint it was addictive and I hope one day to be able to make the beverage in my home. But until that happens numerous trips will be made solely to sip on more.


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