Day 08: The Delicious Chickpea


Day 08. January 8, 2012

The kitchen is one of the few places where I feel at home. I know, I know. Sounds like a good sexist joke. Heck, I’d be the first to start them out. But seriously. After photography, cooking & baking are my favorite way to spend my time. Trying new recipes gives me such a thrill, but even more so is when I get to share my work with the people in my life. To give them the same joy I feel when preparing a dish, even one as simple as hummus.

Mm. Hummus. Delicious, homemade hummus. The perfect snack any time & of course must be accompanied with warm flat bread. I would have loved to enjoy my hummus with freshly baked flat bread, but my tum was too anxious. But later this week you had better bet I’ll be busy in the kitchen baking away.

Jered and I talk a lot about cooking – about the things we want to try, ingredients we’ll use one day when we can actually afford it. But most of all we agree on an important idea. Food should be something more than just sustaining our bodies or answering a craving. It should be thoroughly enjoyed and be prepared with fresh, natural ingredients. Sure it takes more time and effort, but what would you be doing instead? A drive-through is easier, sure. No dishes to clean or leftovers to worry about. But what matters more than taking care of your own body? You can’t take it in and get a new one. It’s a wonderful adventure that can be enjoyed whenever the mood strikes, and being humans it strikes a lot. Put on some good music, grab an apron, and put that kitchen you’re paying for to work. There are tons of recipes online, 98% of the time that’s where I find mine. This hummus recipe came from here, though I added a bit more tahini and lemon juice and threw in a handful of minced kalamata olives. It pretty much comes down to taste, whether you like it more tangy or mild. Taste-testing is yet another perk of cooking yourself, my friends. Get to it!


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