Day 09: The Lens is a Lie


Day 09. January 9, 2012

This may be one of the greatest gifts I’ve ever been given. It hits all the high points of what I like in a gift. Practical, personal, & reasonably priced. I’m not one who is attracted to big or shiny objects, someone who needs brand names to feel validated. I like to take the road less traveled, finding treasures that have character. Vintage shops are where I indulge, not IKEA. Finding items in which I continue the story that has been started is what wins my heart. “Can’t Buy Me Love” is one of my favorite Beatles songs for more than just the groovy beat in which my body must indulge.

But these travel mugs are just fantastic. I’ve already decided that the tall one is for tea and the short for hot cocoa. Tea has already made an appearance with me at the grocery store this afternoon and is now keeping me company with some soothing peppermint tea as I type this post. I look at them and I light up, I just can’t get over how quirky and perfect they are. I hope to still have these twenty years down the road feeling the way I do right now. My brother is the best! Best late Christmas present.


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