Day 10: Almost


Day 10. January 10, 2012

I finally finished a sewing project I started this last summer. A light, airy tank made from remnant fabric of an old top I found in a box of clothes back home. It’s a beautiful soft pink in color & despite some minor sewing errors, it’s kind of adorable. But just when I thought everything was going to work out fine the iron went & messed it all up. The iron too hot, the fabric so terribly synthetic. I managed to melt the fabric during my last pressing of the finished garment. What is this, the unconventional “fabric” challenge on Project Runway? At first I was amazed, that melting could even occur. But now I’m not sure what to make of it. It made an interesting pattern, unfortunately it formed in a rather displeasing location on the front. It has the texture of, well, melted plastic. Like dried glue or some kind of foolishly spilled goop that will never wash out. Maybe I’ll hold onto it for now and in the future find a darker sheer fabric to layer on top. I fell in love with this pink – which almost never happens. I know this is a strange topic to dwell on, but I want so badly to make the perfect garment. But it seems every time, just when I think it’ll turn out the way I want, something goes wrong & I can’t do anything to fix it. Bah. I’m done with it for now. Tomorrow I shall start a different project and hope for the best. Practice makes perfect, eh? Rome wasn’t built in a day. Know any other fitting clichés?


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