Day 12: Quinoa!


Day 12. January 12, 2012

Quinoa, quinoa, quinoa. I love, love, love you! You are so cute and adorable, so tasty & delicious. I cannot get enough quinoa! Technically I made this dish last night…but it was my mama’s birthday, so you’ll get over it.

For dinner I prepared quinoa patties served on a whole wheat bun with some de-li-cious tzatziki sauce (minus the cucumber),  accompanied by a fresh fruit salad (yummy, yummy). And let me tell you – it hit the spot. The taste of the quinoa patty is light and flavorful, while still being filling. I could eat so many of these little guys, mmmm.

Yep. I love quinoa. This dish is rather simple to make and could potentially be customized depending upon what ingredients you have on-hand or feel like putting in there. Maybe try half carrot with half zucchini. Or different spices, I know I would turn up the heat with some cayenne if I were making this for just myself.

Give this recipe a try! I know you won’t be disappointed! For the quinoa patty recipe, I found it at Eating Well…Living Thin and the tzatziki from the lovely Linda as well linked later in the quinoa patty recipe.

Happy Eating!


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