Day 13: The Stack


Day 13. January 13, 2012

Exhibit A: My newly formed stack of remnant fabrics & over-sized clothes categorized with attached notes to each corresponding project. Nine projects in total, though a few are half finished garments.

I love sewing and I would be at my sewing machine during every second of free time I have if it weren’t so darn cold in my apartment. Wrapping up in blankets to keep warm does not work too well when you’ve got to use your hands. It does help that most of the projects I want to do cannot be worn until at least spring, but I know that my patience will not last long enough. I will simply have to keep a warm mug of tea next to me and sit atop a heated rice bag to keep me warm, at least parts of me.

I’ve talked about this in a post a few days ago, where I managed to melt the fabric of a tank, that I daydream I am a fantastic seamstress. Errors never occur and every garment turns out just as I imagine it would. But you can guess that it hardly ever goes that way. Either a seam doesn’t match up or a perfect straight stitch goes terribly array when my fingers slip in the slightest way.

I’m not looking to make a career out of this, but if just once I could be completely proud of a finished project…that is what I’m striving toward. To experience that feeling is really what drives me to keep sewing. Time & pressure. That’s all it takes.


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