Day 16: Everyday


Day 16. January 16, 2012

I don’t wear jewelry on an every day basis, but there’s one thing I do wear no matter what.

I honestly don’t know when I came to own this ring or when I grew into the habit of wearing it on a daily basis. I vaguely remember it being some time in the second half of high school. I’m sure I could go back in my photo collection and search for a rough date, but who really cares.

Now it may not be anything special to look at – no precious stone glimmering or slick white gold – but it’s my favorite. I love the detailing on the band, the modest size of the overall design. It is as much a part of me as being left-handed or my ever-changing irises.

There have been times in my life when I thought I had lost this little trinket. This evening for example. I was with my boy downtown in search of a new pair of shoes, I pulled my hand out of my coat pocket and realized the faint sensation of metal on my nearly numb finger was missing. Had the cold weather caused my ring to slip off somewhere along the way? I feared instantly that I might never see my ring again, but just as quickly the reality of the situation became clear. I had done what I do nearly every time I’m struck with minute panic over my bare digit. Before leaving the apartment I had simply removed my ring to apply a healthy dose of lotion…darn you bitter winter weather and hot showers for drying out my fragile hands. But alas, we fear no more! Thus ends another case of the Missing Everyday Ring.


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