Day 17: True Colors


Day 17. January 17, 2012

I love being a redhead. More than I ever imagined I would. It’s been almost four months since I first dyed my wavy locks on the eve before my 21st birthday and not once have I second guessed my choice. With any previous hair choice I’ve made, whether cut or color, there has always come a moment when I miss what it used to be.

Spring of 2009 I dyed my hair jet black. Within a couple weeks I was over it & had come to the realization that my fair skin could not handle such a severe color. Since that time I have been pretty cautious with dyes, fearing I might make the same mistake. I stuck to safe brunette shades from then on and you could hardly tell a difference. Honestly, I had been itching to take the plunge with red for more than four years, but I could never commit when standing in any dye isle overwhelmed by the nearly limitless choices.

As my birthday approached I had started a list of things I wanted to before the day arrived and one of those items just happened to be coloring my hair. So I made an executive decision, my friends.  And not one day have I missed my boring, lifeless brunette hair.


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