Day 21: o_O Egg


Day 21. January 21, 2012

Whenever I crack an egg I look for three things: shell, embryo, a comical image. This morning as I prepared brunch for the roommate and boyfriend I could not help but capture the face of my eggs.

I love eggs, probably almost as much as I love mustard. Mm. Mustard. Mustard on eggs. With hot sauce. Oh yes. And a touch of basil. With a side of wheat toast. And a freshly blended fruit smoothie. Mm. Delicious.

But anyway. I love eggs. And I love that my family has chickens to give me fresh eggs every day. The unfortunate reality is that my family chickens are 114 miles away. It’s only natural that whenever I venture home I steal a couple dozen to brighten my drizzly Eugene mornings. I have never in my life seen egg yolks as beautiful and vivid as I have with these.

Three words: Organic. Local. Fresh. It will win every time.


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