Day 22: Create-A-Font


Day 22. January 22, 2012

Typography is one of those weird loves that only other artists really understand. I’m fascinated by all the different ways letters can be formed, positioned, sized. I watch documentaries on fonts for fun. If you love typography like I do, and haven’t seen it yet, Helvetica by Gary Hustwit is an excellent film in my humble opinion.

And right along with typography, I also love the art of Calligraphy. I took my first calligraphy course four years ago and fell in love from the start. Being left-handed complicates every aspect, but it is always worth it. If anything, it makes finishing a project that much more wonderful. I often try to create my own fonts to use in cards or letters, but they usually never make it out of the notebook page I’ve created them in during lecture in place of legitimate notes. Often times I’ll hear a word that sparks an attitude for the letters to follow. From there I try to work out the entire alphabet. Scarcely am I satisfied with whatever I’ve scribbled over and over trying to tweak and perfect. Within an hour after class they are forgotten and only reminisced when looking for a clean page to doodle on. That is the life of I create for these fonts. Unfulfilled.

Perhaps I shall start one of my many empty sketchbooks for letters only. Then in the future when I need inspiration it will only be a few page flips away, rather than forgotten in my ever-growing stack of composition notebooks. Alas. There is hope.


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