Day 23: Two Steps Forward, One Step Back


Day 23. January 23, 2012

I’ve been cutting my own hair for years. Okay, it has mainly been only my bangs. I tried to cut my hair a few times when I was younger, but it always ended up needing an appointment to fix the mistakes I made. Last year I made the decision to legitimately cut my own hair, and by that I mean doing research and learning some techniques before handling scissors. Like any other college student I took to the web in search for some free advice. Youtube led me to a gold mine of different at-home tips for cutting hair and I soon found the perfect one I was in search of.

My biggest downfall in the past came down to my impatience. I would start cutting at a good pace, but soon become restless at how small each section had to be. Never cut corners, my friends. Ever. It can make the difference between a flattering, blended cut and what resembles a Troll Doll.

Over the last week I noticed my hair has been acting up more than usual. I admit, most of it has to do with the hot showers I’ve been brutally damaging it with, but who doesn’t fall into such a routine with winter’s chill howling outside. But I also realized I hadn’t cut my hair in four months. While my locks have grown quite a bit since, most of it would need to come off in order to repair what I had done. I’m always trying to grow my hair out it seems. And right when I get to a length I love I have to snip, snip away the frayed ends. Two steps forward, one step back.

So here I am now. Four inches cut away, but layers visible once more. It has made my curls more manageable and I can leave it down without sporting a ferocious lion’s mane. But I cannot wait to have waves of grown hair come comfort me once again.


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