Day 24: Burn Out Brighter


Day 24. January 24, 2012

Today I’ve been feeling, well, uninspired. Two hours ago I sat down to write this post but I could not find the words I wanted to say. At some point between the past and the present Anberlin‘s song “Burn Out Brighter” drifted into my head, nudging me to let them help out with my writer’s block.

And I honestly believe their lyrics do more to portray what I’m feeling then my own words could. So today, I shall give them center stage. I’ve embedded the song below, have a listen if you don’t know it and enjoy if you do. Click the song title for full lyrics, I always find the meaning behind the song becomes more transparent when reading along.

Live, I wanna live inspired.

Die, I wanna die for something higher than myself.

Live and die for anyone else.

The more I live, I see this life’s not about me


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