Day 26: By Accident


Day 26. January 26, 2012

I don’t really know how I got here – it just kind of happened.

Last spring I kept the corrugated cardboard sleeve from my empty coffee cup with the intention to re-use it on the random occasions when I actually bought hot beverages from coffee shops. It’s a simple act, really. A little step anyone can take to reduce waste. But those purchases happened so rarely that each time I forgot about the sleeve in my pocketbook and picked up a new one. Once, I believe, have I ever actually remembered to re-use one of the various sleeves I have in my purse.

I started taking them from Jered’s cups if I happened to be around him when he was drinking. Soon after  I asked him to save them for me if he thought about it. I would see empty cups sitting on counters or desks on campus and want to take the sleeves. But I refrained, I’m not a crazy person…heh.

I have gathered a small collection of sleeves from the common places Jered and I have gone to around town. I don’t know why I keep saving them, why I keep getting new ones. If we happen to go to Starbucks their designs are almost always different, so of course I have to get a new one. And Roma’s design is aesthetically pleasing to me.

Small confession: I’m a bit of a pack rat. I swear it’s hereditary. My father and grandfather both show signs of pack-ratism (yes, I’ve decided that’s a legitimate term). And I keep things only because they may be useful one day or play a role in a future art project. I have rules, standards for myself. Sure those rules are pliable and fluctuate with each circumstance, but that’s not the point. The point is that I acknowledge what I do. Isn’t it enough that I am aware of what I am? And I enjoy going through my boxes of collections and purging items that I once thought would be useful, but have lost interest in. Even better, I have Jered to rationalize with me when I’m blinded my distorted views.

For these sleeves, I do have a plan. It involves a recycled frame, some paint, and E6000. I’ve got this under control.  No worries.


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