Day 27: Slight Exhilaration


Day 27. January 27, 2012.

Converse are probably my favorite casual shoe. They’re simple, can be tailored to personal preference, and look good with just about anything. I love them. And I love that my boyfriend wears them.

I’ve never owned a pair of Converse. Back in high school I owned a pair of Payless knock-offs, but they fell apart the first time I washed them, so that relationship didn’t last long. I’ve never wanted to dish out the money to buy them simply because I know my taste has changed drastically as I’ve aged. My enthusiasm for them still burns strongly after all these years, so I warmly welcome that to be a sign.

My other hick-up is that I can never decide on a color. Sure, if I’m lucky I’ll own multiple pairs of Converse over the years, but that doesn’t solve the issue at hand. I’ll always remember my first pair. And the color must be perfect. It has to be unique, but versatile. Nothing too bright or loud. My heart loves the traditional black & white, but I wear too much black and gray as it is.

Yes, this post is rather shallow, but underneath the surface topic it shows just how crazy I am. Don’t you think? A girl who cannot decide on a simple, hypothetical purchase. A purchase that will not have any effect on any important aspect of my life. And yet, it’s important because it represents me. I don’t like to buy things without analyzing every detail and how closely it falls in line with the person I want to be. My style has never been clear growing up, nor have I ever felt completely confident. And if I’m going to purchase a pair of shoes, they need to stick with me for many years to come. So yeah, the color matters. Because I’m crazy.


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