Day 28: Sunshine


Day 28. January 28, 2012

Nothing warms body, mind, & soul quite like the sun peaking through the clouds on an otherwise mundane January afternoon. And when there’s sunlight, there must be photos taken. I love the high contrast created with natural light. Something intriguing in finding the perfect gradient from dark to light. 

Today we took our time finding the perfect spot to set up camp for the afternoon. It’s amazing to see Lillis on a Saturday afternoon at the beginning of a new term simply because there is no one around. What usually is a hunt for any open spot in four stories, today was the luxury of having a whole floor to ourselves – and our favorite chairs.

Honestly, to be productive it really comes down to environment. If your surroundings are inspiring so your work shall be. I get distracted pretty easily and working in public usually causes more outward distractions than positive influence. But with my non-existent work load this term, I’m down for anything. Let the people watching commence!


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