Day 33: Bottled Up


Day 33. February 02, 2012

I’ve already revealed my accidental collection of cardboard sleeves and my minor dabbling in pack-ratism. So it seems only right that the slightly ajar door into my room of crazy be cracked open a wee bit more. I have an obsession with bottles. And glass jars. The jars I re-use simply for the homemade sauces, juices, and smoothies I make, so totally legit.

The bottles I keep because I love them. Bottles come in all shapes, colors, and sizes. I want to use them for decorating, cutting to make vases and drinking glasses, and many other projects. I have a pretty large collection of them both here in Eugene and at home stored away in a blanket chest in my old room. 

Glass is such a versatile, beautiful vessel. It can be turned into so many different things and last for years and years. My greatest love of glass comes in the form of mason jars. They are timeless, practically perfect in every way.

Any time I go home to my parents I raid their recycling bin for any bottles or jars and of course when my roommate or I finish a jar it goes right to the dishwasher after the labels are cleaned off. This photo shows my cleaning ritual of removing the labels and getting all the glue off of my reclaimed bottles and jars.


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