Day 36: Let the Sunshine In


Day 36. February 05, 2012

Some nights I don’t feel like cleaning up my dishes and wiping down the kitchen counters, so I simply put them off till morning. It makes me feel instantly productive to wake up and get a quick chore out of the way. And on a morning like this I opened pulled back the plaid curtain above our kitchen sink to let the bright morning sun warm my cheeks as the hot water warmed my hands as I scrubbed my dishes clean. Sunshine has a way of instantly turning any foul mood into something resembling joy.

Everyone’s always in a chipper mood when the sun decides to make an appearance in the winter. Parks become flooded with pale Oregonians still bundled up in their new winter coats. Some not-so-bright females seem to think clear skies mean their neon short-shorts and flip-flops can make an early appearance, but justice is served when they get frostbite.

For me it’s more subtle. I can feel the sunlight on my face, feel something once again. The winter chill always attacks my feet and hands, stripping any heat from them. But the sun, the sun brings nothing but comfort. Comfort and hope.


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