Day 37: One of These Things Is Not Like the Other


Day 37. February 06, 2012

So there’s this wonderful website that goes by the name of Pinterest. Oh you know it? Oh, you’re addicted to it just like I am? Well, yay! For those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about click the link, ’cause I don’t really care to explain it.

Anywho. Pinterest has brought many, many recipes, DIY projects, decor inspirations, etc into my life. Of those recipes a majority of them are for homemade alternatives to the over-priced and preservative infested brand name products that line the supermarket shelves. One of these recipes being for homemade cheese-its.

I’m a lover of crackers and bread products in general. But I don’t like to have crackers or chips in my cupboard simply because I know I’ll eat them when I’m not actually hungry. But these, these are a great alternative. I control exactly what goes in them and can make just a few to satisfy my cravings for something savory and crunchy. I found my recipe from a lovely baker Texan Erin for whole grain cheese-its. Five ingredients are all you need to make these. FIVE. Have you looked that the ingredient list of those crackers your munching on at 12:30 AM? Can you even pronounce all the ingredients listed? 

I bought miniature animal cookie cutters at a local shop on 5th street when Jered and I had lunch at Casablanca for  homemade Circus Animal cookies recipe I wanted to try out. They’re just too cute to keep in the drawer and much more enjoyable than trying to cut out squares.

Honest – I have never made these before and it took less than an hour from start to finish. The recipe does recommend chilling the dough for about two hours for easier rolling and cutting, but it’s winter and always cold in my apartment so I didn’t wait. I also added a bit of basil to my dough to give it a more unique flavor & kept the salt closer to the 1/8 end of the 1/8-1/4 spectrum she gives. With it being such a simple, quick dough  it really can be customized to fit any taste bud or craving.

I love how they turned out, as did my roommate and boyfriend. There will be different flavor combos to try every time the mood strikes to bust some out.  I definitely want to try putting in some hot sauce to spice things up.


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