Day 38: Juice Alone


Day 38. February 07, 2012

If you’ve been following for the last 37 days you know I’m pretty quirky in the things I find worth keeping. Sentimental attachments come too easily sometimes, but if I’m lucky they will fade just as swiftly as they came. But here lies an object that I have zero emotional attachment based upon personal experience. I am attached to this O’Mara’s glass simply because I find it perfect for sipping juice. And I honestly mean juice, orange, grape, sometimes even lemonade. No alcohol for a glass that came with a bottle of booze. O’Mara came into my life long before I reached 21, thus our relationship was innocent from the start. And now that I walk about the liquor store at my leisure I still find myself using other glass before I’ll reach for my favorite O’Mara’s. I feel a need to protect her from the darkness of alcohol & I have no logical explanation why. So she remains my drinking glass – for juice alone.


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