Day 39: Miniature Cakes


Day 39. February 08, 2012

It was a baking day extravaganza today in our apartment. The roommate talked me into baking a cake along with experimenting with a homemade graham cracker recipe. While the graham crackers are not as all as I had hoped they would be, the cakes we made are delightful. A simple white cake with my favorite cinnamon cream cheese frosting in the center and a little decoration on top.

Now the question is what on earth we should do with them. We’ve got half a dozen miniature cakes here on our counter and only two of us here. I’ve had more than my share of sugar for the day and cannot fathom even tasting a piece of a finished treat. The dilemmas of life… I suppose we shall have to invite the boys over to take these off our hands.


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