Day 42: Sweet Basil


Day 42. February 11, 2012

“Unless it is mad, passionate, extraordinary love it is a waste of time. There are too many mediocre things in life. Love should not be one of them. “

Jered took me out to dinner tonight for our second night of anniversary celebrating. To Sweet Basil we ventured in our usual fashion of pure awesome – dressed to the nines.

There’s nothing quite like hitting the town on the arm of a handsome escort. And exposing my bare legs to the brisk February air was absolutely worth wearing my favorite red dress and oxford stilettos. Most days I let my hair do what it wants and leave my face bare, but when I do take the time to curl my locks and eyelashes it’s hardly ever a letdown.

The restaurant was packed, as expected. And as we waited to be seated I grew quiet. I’m not a fan of crowds, really. The idea of navigating a mall during the weekend is a real-life nightmare. Too many bodies, germs, conversations – I don’t know. So as we sat down I was grateful that Jered had me facing out the window, my back to the sea of people. I tried to keep my composure, but he noticed that  I wasn’t myself – like he always does.

Lucky for me, my boyfriend accepts my irrational fears and doesn’t  force me into situations I can’t handle. I knew I’d be okay with time and distractions. Enter water glass. A sip of water every couple of minutes. Something to focus on. The swinging sign in the window just above Jered’s left shoulder. The strangers strolling along past Sweet Basil – coming and going. The open pottery shop across the street where a family is spending their evening decorating ceramic mugs and plates, I hypothesize for Valentine’s Day. Distractions are good. And with time the noise in the background died down, I forgot about the crowded restaurant behind me, the bustling workers clearing tables for the next party before the check of their previous patrons has cleared. The party to our right finished their drinks and departed. An empty table, a moment to breathe.

But apart from my ridiculous anxiety issues, the evening was lovely. Jered filled me in on his adventures that day in preparing traditional Arab dishes while we indulged in the delicious thai food that was in front of us. I’m a lucky girl to be cared for so deeply by one person.


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