Day 43: Smooth as Velvet


Day 43. February 12, 2012

Part three of our anniversary weekend: decadent red velvet crêpes with homemade cream filling and Jered’s warm cinnamon chocolate sauce drizzled on top. So pretty much we had dessert for brunch. While delicious, they were so rich and creamy I could barely eat one. But they were worth every minute of preparation. And now I have a half-dozen more in the freezer for whenever the mood strikes for crêpes. That’s what we call a win-win. I would love to make these again in the summer and fill them with fresh berries rather than cream. Mm. Cannot wait for summer berries…

Anywho. All three parts – the crêpes, cream, and chocolate sauce – can be found in the link above. A wonderful recipe & worth it for special occasions when pancakes and eggs just don’t seem exciting enough.


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