Day 44: Patterns & Sequences


Day 44. February 13, 2012

I have odd tendencies and irrational fears painted all over the wall. Well here comes some more, so that you can read this and feel good about yourself knowing you’re more “normal” than I am. Whatever that means. I own a book, a book that I read at in my early teen years by the title of “Define Normal” and I think of it every time I use the word “normal”. It causes me to ponder the validity of the term, the ever-changing social definition.

Wait. What am I talking about?

Oh. Yes. Another strange quality. I like odd numbers. People have favorite numbers, common enough. And some people even prefer odd numbers over even, or vice-versa. Nothing too quirky about my liking odd numbers. When Monk used to air, I wholeheartedly believe I was influenced by his tendencies. I was in high school when it still aired and to this day I can remember going through a phase where I counted out everything I put in my lunch – 9 carrot sticks, 3 slices of ham & pieces of lettuce on my sandwich, 15 wheat thins, etc. Did it actually matter in the end? Not one bit. But it was fun, a kind of game. It was comforting to know that I had a system, a set of rules to follow. 

You’d think with my love for patterns and sequences I’d love math. I hate math. We haven’t gotten along since Algebra II sophomore year of high school…math’s rules are ridiculous. They don’t make sense or serve any purpose in my life. I have a firm foundation to build my life upon & I use it on a regular basis in the kitchen and at the sewing machine. Sudoku is about as close as I get to enjoying math.

Patterns & sequences are to be found in nature, in art, revealed through the actions of people in my life. That is where the true fun lies. Maybe it’s not so strange. It’s the way of a creative mind, I suppose.


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