Day 48: Therapy


Day 48. February 17, 2012

Spring is drawing closer every day which means the cold winter temperatures have risen a touch.  The sunshine came out today which meant the apartment actually felt comfortable. I knew I had to take advantage of such a wonderful phenomenon  so I uncovered my sewing machine and completed one of my many projects.

Today it was transforming a men’s linen button-up rescued from the Goodwill bag into a high-waisted or “adventure” skirt as Jered likes to call it. I think I may take it in a little still, but for the most part I am quite pleased. I have no idea how I’m going to style it yet, which is half the fun.

For this kind of refashion it’s pretty easy to find a tutorial online, I followed Lazy Saturdays version, but I altered it since I didn’t have any elastic. Instead I just left enough allowance at the top for the top button of the shirt to be the closure. I had to cut through the band I created and make a second button hole so it could remain functional. But of course I didn’t realize I needed to do so until after I had sewn the finishing hem. But it was easy enough to rip only as much as I needed past the button then re-sew over top to secure.

Perhaps I’ll write another post with photos and the steps I altered. Maybe.


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