Day 50: Light-Hearted


Day 50. February 19, 2012

There’s a lot of random knicknacks in our apartment. Because I like random, recycled objects that really have no place to go but to create an atmosphere of joy and love. Enter zebra figurine that is kind of in the shape of a giraffe, but still a zebra ’cause of the face and, you know, the stripes.

A friend of mine gave it to me out of the blue a month-or-so ago and I was quite the giddy little school girl, all excited to bring it home with me and find a place to display the little guy. He started out on my desk, but I hardly ever use that for anything but to pile my art supplies on. So I brought him out to our living room and found a nice little area of our fake mantle for him to occupy.

He doesn’t really have a name. Or at least I cannot remember what it is if I did name him. But he makes me smile. So that’s all that matters.


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