Day 51: The Legs Have It


Day 51. February 20, 2012

Today I spent all day walking about the shops at Woodburn Company Stores with Jered’s lovely mother. I had never been before, though when I lived at home it was much closer than my current residence in Eugene. But there I was, the first time in my life, with President’s Sale discounts everywhere I turned. I don’t know how I managed to get out of there without buying anything. So many beautiful clothes at such great deals pulled at my heartstrings…and my wallet. But every time something caught my eye, I remembered the pile of fabric I had waiting for me and all the clothing I wanted to make at home.

My only exception was to find a new pair of running leggings. Adidas & Nike both let me down with their lack of sales & selection of leggings. I wasn’t about to drop $45 on a pair of tights that made my legs itch the way grass does in the summer. Gap was my savior in the end. Their recent expansion of exercise gear is both beautiful and comfortable. I was in love.

And then those leggings were taken from me & I was informed that I would not be paying for them, but a gift. I’ve been known to be a bit stubborn when it comes to unnecessary gift giving or even small treats. Jered has a hard enough time taking me out to dinner without a bit of protest. But no amount of objection stopped the transaction. My objections were replaced with gratefulness & excitement. I cannot wait to break these leggings in. A run must happen!


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