Day 54: Treasures


Day 54. February 23, 2012

My newest sewing endeavor, creating my Easter outfit, began today with the skirt. I transformed an old curtain panel into a beautiful box-pleated skirt with a soft cotton floral lining. I still have no zippers, so I tend to think out-of-the-box when it comes to closures. Luckily, I found a hook-eye closure in my jar of buttons which I shall use for the skirt while embellishing the waistband with a statement button.

I found the perfect beauty among my small collection of buttons, while taking a trip down memory lane. A great deal of my buttons were given to me by my grandmother when I first got into sewing. During the last year before her and my grandfather moved she began to sort her surplus of crafting supplies & she turned to me first before donating anything.

I had always enjoyed looking through her buttons when she was working away at her sewing machine. I loved the vintage looking ones, the few that had made it all these years. I liked to imagine what those buttons had seen, where they had traveled. This one above was made in New York, I like to think it’s somehow linked to my grandfather’s time in the Air Force. Someday there will be the perfect article of clothing for this button to be placed on, just as there is for every button in my button jar.


One thought on “Day 54: Treasures

  1. Kritsi Cooke

    Becca, Don just pulled out his dress uniform from when he was in the Air Force and it has the exact same buttons as the one in your picture, so that button would surely be from your grandfather’s A.F. service uniform!

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