Day 55: Hello, Bangs


Day 55. February 24, 2012

My bangs have always been a source of joy, but also a great amount of turmoil. I love the way the look…when the are styled correctly. But in the past my bangs have hardly ever done what I want them to & I just end up sweeping them off my face, thus leaving them worthless.

They had grown out so long in these past few months, I couldn’t take it any longer. So. I pulled out my scissors and went to town. They turned out a bit shorter than I’d like, but overall I’m pretty pleased. It’s been a long time since I’ve had noticeable side bangs and it brings a whole new look.

When it gets to be the end of winter, almost spring I tend to get anxious. The weather tends to tease with one or two sunny days, and my mind starts to hope for better days. So I trick myself into thinking the winter cold will soon be over by gradually dipping my toes in my spring wardrobe. And making other changes – like cutting my hair.

It all comes down to psychology, doesn’t it? If we let ourselves believe spring is just around the bend, then our emotional state may also be lifted. A lifted spirit can make any amount of waiting bearable.


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