Day 56: The Perfect Amount


Day 56. February 25, 2012

Washing dishes is a relaxing task for me. Really, cleaning in general is relaxing. It reduces stress, while boosting positive morale in knowing that my surroundings are becoming tidy. I don’t need things to be neat & tidy all the time, sometimes I even purposefully neglect to put clothes away in my room just so that a few days later I can tidy up my room and feel better.

It’s pretty difficult to be an art student and keep a clean work space, I count myself lucky not to be compelled by the need for order. Though I could argue that I have order in chaos. Sure, you may look at my make-shift desk and see nothing but piles of papers, boxes, and containers but each has their own specific purpose. That’s why I like containers so much, because they literally contain my random trinkets and art supplies. If it weren’t for shoe boxes, I’d have piles of paints, watercolor papers, paintbrushes, etc. all over. Boxes are uniform, easily accessed, and most importantly – they have lids.

Lids provide boundaries. If I didn’t have lids, I would never sort or purge anything. I wouldn’t feel compelled to limit my number of a-like items within one or two boxes. Or realize that I don’t need to keep every plastic container that comes through my kitchen because I have a tall stack of yogurt containers to last me a few years.

I thoroughly enjoy organization & cleanliness, a lot more than most – well, really anyone I know. But at the same time it doesn’t rule my life. I like to think I’m the perfect amount of crazy. Yeah. That’s a nice thought.


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