Day 59: Ready, Set, Wait


Day 59. February 28, 2012

Finished my Easter outfit today, I did. Excited is not nearly a strong enough adjective to describe how I feel about getting all dressed up for the holiday.

Easter is my Christmas. It is my favorite holiday, beyond any other. Most people would ask, “what about your birthday?” and to that I laugh in their face and inform them that my birthday is at the bottom of the list, above Halloween of course. Easter is my favorite simply because it is not in any, way, shape or form about me. In my family it has never been about receiving presents, sure a small Easter basket, but that was never the focus. Easter is a day for celebration, praise, and of course – deviled eggs.

Unfortunately for me its is more than a whole month away…

So I sit here shivering in my cold, damp apartment dreaming of Easter & warm weather. Maybe by April the temperature will rise a wee bit and release me from my permanent state of numb limbs.


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