Day 62: Music of the Night


Day 62. March 02, 2012

Say what you will, but classical music is an artist’s best friend. The Rat Pack are my best friends in the kitchen, and 70’s folk genre gets me feeling groovy while cleaning. But when it comes to the times I’m focused and working on a project, I need strictly intrumental. It can range from modern film scores to Mozart’s Violin concerto No. 3 in G Major (okay, so I only know that because it’s playing on Pandora right now). When I write, draw, paint, etc. I work best when there are no vocals. I think it might be because I talk to myself so much during those times and other voices distract me and interfere.

I’ve been feeling pretty uninspired this past week, and that’s why my posts have been lacking. When I started this second round of 365 I told myself I wouldn’t do this, let myself get behind – but who was I kidding, I couldn’t expect it to  never happen…though I could be doing better. Anyway. This is completely off topic. Music.

Yes. Music. There’s a genre out there for everyone and it seems for me to be every task. Kind of wonderful how that is.


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