Day 63: Sunshine On My Shoulder Makes Me Happy


Day 63. March 03, 2012

What is this glowing ball of light in the sky today? Is that…the sun? It’s been so long, I had forgotten what it looked like. Spent the afternoon bathing in the sunshine through the window of the library. Of course I wasn’t the one studying. That was all Jered. I spent my time eating Quaker Squares and watching Netflix. Excellent use of my time, no?

Of course I was dressed head-to-toe in dark colors & for the first time all winter I was actually hot. It was a remarkable sensation – to feel my fingers and toes. Almost unbearable. But beggars cannot be choosers, that is for sure. I will take every bit of heat I can get. If I could I would go around collecting heat in jars and save them for a rainy, dreary day. That would put all my empty jars to good use! How about that – two birds, one stone.

All-in-all it was nice to have some blue skies. And when the sun shines I can sing my favorite John Denver song! So here he is, live on the Tonight Show with the one and only Johnny Carson.


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