Day 67: What Has Been Lost


Day 67. March 07, 2012

There’s a dress that I started drafting a pattern for about eight months ago and I still have yet to complete. So today I rummaged through drawers of fabric to locate my pattern-in-the-making in hopes of finalizing my vision and ready my test fabric to begin the first stages of editing.

I must admit, for not really having a solid idea on how to create a legitimate pattern out of thin air, I’m pretty confident that this will turn out in my favor. Even though I usually hate myself for my talent in procrastination, I’m glad I’ve put this particular piece off for so long. In the last eight months I have learned a lot and now when I look at my pattern I can tell what will work out and what was a terrible idea. For instance – the skirt. I honestly have no idea what I was thinking in drawing up the skirt pattern I found. It was so sad with it’s nearly rectangular shape & I’m thankful  it didn’t make it beyond the butcher paper cut-out. I created my new skirt pattern – a simple circle skirt. I’d like a lot of movement and flow with this dress. And I am very much in love with box-pleats at the moment. My initial pattern would have been form-fitting and awkward, neither of which are what I’m looking for in a sweet summer dress.

Simply writing about it gets me all excited to work on this project! I know it will be a rather long process for me, it will be my first dress. But I have the confidence now to take on the challenge, what a thrill.


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