Day 68: Taking a Leap


Day 68. March 08, 2012

My fondness for racerback tank-tops led me to transform one of my dad’s old button-up shirts into something actually wearable, no offense daddy. Below are the shirt before I went to town with my seam ripper and transformed it to the photo above. I reversed the front and back, so that the back is lined with buttons, which I’m in love with. I’m thinking of switching out the buttons, but for now I don’t mind these.

The title of this post “taking a leap” comes into play with my next step, in which I hope to create an ombre effect by lightening the stripes until at the bottom they are pretty much gone via bleach. I’ll test this technique with a scrap piece to see how quickly and drastically the bleach will change the print. I’m excited and nervous all at once! I really like how the top is now, the stripes and bright colors are cute, but I want to try to make it truly unique – beyond a simple refashion. I’ll be back with updates soon!

– shirt before –


3 thoughts on “Day 68: Taking a Leap

  1. Kristi Cooke

    Adorable!!! And you really think you couldn’t do tailoring for people? Like the Nike ad says, “Just do it!”

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