Day 70: Worth It


Day 70. March 10, 2012

Here she is, ladies & gentlemen, the finished garment. What once was a fashion crime now triumphantly hangs in my closet, proud to have been woven together, finally to serve a purpose beyond the years in which is was intended to be worn. Isn’t she beautiful?

If you read my first post about this shirt: “Taking a Leap” you’ll remember this isn’t at all how I had planned for her to end up. But in the bleach testing stage of the game I decided to take another chance. The ombre effect with the mutli-colored stripes really wasn’t working for me, so I decided to just bleach the whole top. I liked how the stripes had diluted in color, but I didn’t love it. It still felt disjointed as a piece. Perhaps if there had only been two different color panels in the shirt rather than four…all the time I would say to no one “what were you thinking person who designed this button-up?” Left feeling ultimately unsatisfied, I followed my gut reaction: dye. 

I ended up doing two rounds of dyeing to get the final saturation & effect I wanted. First I started with a fully teal dye bath, using Rit Teal Dye Powder, having the ombre be monochromatic. But being the fickle artist that I am that concept didn’t stick for long. As I neared the top of the garment I added in a few shakes (I hardly ever measure) of fushia dye to transition from teal to a violet color. And to the very top near the shoulders, a dash of black to bring down the saturation a touch. She was beautiful. I rinsed her out, washed her, and let her hang dry in the sunlight that greeted us.

She dried much lighter than I had hoped. Perhaps it was because I chose not to measure the dye as the instructions tell me, perhaps it was because I was dyeing a newly whitened garment. Either way it was back to the dye bath! Which I didn’t have a problem with in the slightest. I love dyeing things, though I’m not sure why. Just as before I started with pure teal, added in the fushia a little closer to the middle of the top this time, and increased the fushia ratio in the dye bath. I also chose not to add black this round. Right away I knew she was going to be perfect.

It was a long road to get here, a road with bumps, pit stops, and lay-overs. But every single re-route was worth it. I might even be switching out this top with the one I had originally created for my Easter outfit. *gasp* You’ll just have to wait and see!


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