Day 72: Dreaming of Brighter Days


Day 72. March 12, 2012

Stormy weather blew into town last night, at least that is what I was told. I didn’t notice the strong winds blustering outside my bedroom window in the late hours, but today it is impossible to ignore. With the laboring construction workers directly out our living room window, quiet days have not existed for quite some time.

The windows shake from time to time and I am thankful there are no tall trees surrounding our apartment to bend like a blade of grass under the weight of the wind and greet our window panes. I do not care for winter storms. They are dark, cold, angry. There is little about them to find fascinating or enchanting. They are nothing like the whimsical, enchanting summer storms that make an appearance from time to time in the warmer months. There is something wonderful about a downpour in the middle of August. The dusty warm winds, the sizzle of water as it hits the hot pavement. I dream of those storms as the bitter winter rages outside.


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