Day 74: Saving Time & Money


Day 74. March 14, 2012

I’ve written before on my passionate love for chickpeas, when Jered and I enjoyed some homemade hummus a few months back. Here I am again to spout the great enjoyment I get from these legumes. Yesterday the roommate and I went grocery shopping & I found it to be the perfect time to try cooking our own beans rather than stocking up on more of the canned variety. To the bulk section we traveled and I filled up on both chickpeas & black beans. Once home, I filled up two of our big mixing bowls with the beans and covered them with water for the night.

Today they were plump and ready to for cooking. I followed Chez Bettay‘s steps on cooking beans, finding the correct cooking time for my chickpeas in the wonderful table for all different types of legumes located at the end of the post. Once cooked I spread them out on jelly roll pans to cool, popping a few in my mouth as I went. Delicious chickpeas. I decided to bag them in two cup increments, with one cup of filtered water. Six bags in total made their way into the freezer, I’m pretty amazed. Let’s look at the numbers, shall we?

For 1.22 lbs of dried chickpeas, paying $2.61 in total I got 12 cups of chickpeas. A 15 oz can of chickpeas is around $.90, over $1.00 if you want organic. Where my chickpeas cost roughly $.43 per 2 cups. I realize that these chickpeas were not offered organically, which would cost a bit more, but nowhere near what paying for them in a can is. Why doesn’t everyone buy dried beans?! It doesn’t take much time -something that can easily be done on the weekend, and they keep for up to six months in the freezer. Looking at the numbers I hate that I’ve been buying canned for the last six months, so much money wasted on beans soaking in mystery liquid.

I love saving money. More than I love cooking, baking, and photography, and that’s saying something. I love knowing exactly what’s in the food I’m eating and being able to control the ingredients I consume. By buying dried beans there are numerous health benefits, all addressed in the linked page above. Have a look & if you haven’t, think about making the change over to dried beans!


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