Day 76: Snip, Snip


Day 76. March 16, 2012

A little over a week ago I began my journey down the road of dressmaking. Into a new realm of construction, fittings, and makeshift muslin. I have now cut out the pieces from my test fabric, which happens to be an old bed sheet. Recycling found objects is a habit of mine, one that has saved me a lot of money that I don’t have to spend and has pushed me to think outside of the box on various tasks. Why buy muslin when I have a pile of old, musty bed sheets I can use just the same? Exactly.

After some crafty maneuvering of the material, I managed to cut out everything I needed , enough for me to line the bodice so that I can truly get a good sense of how the neckline I’ve crafted will turn out.

Next I’ll need to make some marks for darting, pleats, and my closures. I don’t have any zippers on hand and I love the way the button closure on my curtain skirt turned out, so marks for buttons will need to remembered as well. Of course that list comes after I baste the pieces together and have my first fitting.

One aspect I’ve been thinking about is that in my original pattern I planned to make a halter rather than shoulder straps, I cut out the pieces, but I’m not really inclined to the idea anymore. Perhaps a second set of mock-up straps will need to be made…

Note to self: Rather than reaching for my oversized rice bags in the hallway closest, just take some scraps and make some little rice bags just for sewing, kay? Easy side project. 


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