Day 77: Wee Bit o’ Irish


Day 77. March 17, 2012

Don’t ya know it’s St. Patty’s Day? Oh, the shenanigans that occurred, the folly, the mischief…ultimately falling to last place while playing Mart Kart because of a faulty controller, running around in circles & back-handed slap fights on Goldeneye till the tears from my laughter ultimately killed me, and to top it all off – a nice long nap. I’m a hooligan for sure. Not even a drop of Bailey’s or Guinness in the house. And I did have both beverages, along with some Irish Whiskey, & I hadn’t given up dairy for two weeks, I would have made Irish Car Bomb cupcakes to share. Ended the night with a Strawberry Lemonade Mike’s (delicious, people, you have got to get in on it) and a shot of Pomegranate Vodka. Oh yeah. Made up for my lack of Irish spirit by watching “The Historic Pubs of Ireland” on Netflix – another good documentary. Asleep before 1:00 am. That’s how I roll. But nonetheless, it was a great day spent with my boy. Laughter, teasing, and delicious food. When you’re 21 we’ll go out and I’ll buy you a pint of Guinness, darling.


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