Day 80: Books & Blessings


Day 80. March 20, 2012

Most of my day was spent enthralled in another time, another country, with fictional characters. The Night Watch is my current obsession, the novel I pick up when I want to get away from this reality. Set in the late 1940’s, both present and post WWII in London – following the lives of four individuals, lives far different from my own, and yet somehow completely realistic. I want to believe that these characters were real. That they lived, loved, and felt every bit of emotion Sarah Waters created them to experience.

But before I lost myself in my book and my many, many cups of tea I began my morning with a little visit to Spain. My sister Lindsay is currently residing in Granada, Spain – seven hours difference in time, what feels like a whole different realm (visit her blog here). Today is her birthday and I simply could not let the day go by without making an effort to see her lovely face. I wish I had taken a photo during our Skype session, how much she has grown into a beautiful woman. We are only two years apart in age, but since we became close back in the summer of 2007 my role in her life became someone who will always love her, always protect her. Distance is our greatest enemy, and I have not been the big sister I need to be. But today was a step in the right direction. Back in youth group it was a tradition at the end of every retreat that we take the time to write to everyone in the group in what we called our “book of blessings”. They were a simple way to encourage, give support, and love in a yearbook-type format.  Here on your birthday, my dear sister, I share a blessing to you: 


You have grown into such an amazing woman. You have always been someone who I admired, even when I didn’t want to admit it as a foolish teenager. You are a woman of great maturity, one who shines God’s love to everyone – whether you know them or not. I have yet to meet another soul who has the same level of generosity and selflessness that you show to everyone you meet. You have experienced a roadblocks on your journey through life thus far, but instead of throwing up your hands in defeat, you raise them to the air to praise God. In the past you have said that God gave me to you to be your angel, but I don’t think you realize how many times you have saved me. I think of you often when I begin to lose hope, when I begin to doubt. Even with our great distance you still give me strength just as if we were spending every Sunday night together in bible study. I love you so much, my Kiki. May God bless you today and every day. 

Love you always & forever, 

Your Kip


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