Day 81: There’s Nothing “Magical” About It


Day 81. March 21, 2012

Apparently the second day of spring means it’s the perfect opportunity for a surprise snowfall. Who has two thumbs and is not a happy camper?

This girl. 

Snow is great to watch in films, great to visit up in the mountains, but just like a sandy beach – I don’t want it in my backyard. It’s cold, wet, and turns to slush the moment it touches the ground. Snow does not work in a city setting, in a college setting.  Doesn’t really help that from the moment I woke up this morning I was in a nasty mood, thank you mother nature. I don’t mean to ruin everyone’s fun, I try to keep to myself so that I don’t bring down those around me…but sometimes I can’t hide it. And I really am sorry. Blah.

Jered and I walked-nay, trudged-through the snow/slush/lake mixture across campus to get coffee. Along the way we encountered quite a bit of destruction. Fallen branches, cracked trees, the one above – completely uprooted. There’s nothing magical about this snowfall. And I’m sure overnight everything will freeze over, making the walkways and roads sheets of ice.


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