Day 82: And How Does That Make You Feel?


Day 82. March 22, 2012

It’s perfectly healthy to talk to yourself. Perfectly healthy. But is it to carry on various, lengthy conversations? And to retell those conversations to others using the phrase “my other personality replied” frequently? Heh. I’m not so sure.

All I know is I’m guilty of it. All the time. For instance, yesterday I had an argument with myself over the weather. And it went a little something like this:

“I don’t like the snow. It’s cold, wet, and I can’t go anywhere without putting my life in danger.”

“Come on, lighten up. It’s not like you need to go out. Make some tea, bundle up, and read your book.”


“Where is your sense of magic?”

“It died with Dumbledore!”

 Yep. That’s me. I talk to myself when I cook, when I paint/draw/sew/any creative activity. I critique myself from different viewpoints, from what an instructor might say or a fellow art student. Maybe I’ve neglected to wear a mask when working with oils, maybe I’ve been crazy all along.


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