Day 85: Equus Ferus Caballus


Day 85. March 25, 2012

Horses can be fascinating creatures. With their sleek figures, flowing manes, and dark eyes – it’s difficult not to become lost in their unique beauty.

Horses can also be a huge pain. Stubborn, greedy, impatient. Tossing their massive heads in annoyance, digging up the earth beneath their powerful hooves with every stride. Visitors tend to be overly excited by the animals we own, I’ve never fully understood it. Sure, most people have never spent time outside city limits or seen a horse outside of a parade. But it’s not like they’re unicorns – magical & unique.

To me they are intriguing not for their rarity in my everyday life but for their beauty. Their soft, warm muzzles. The way their coats shine in the sunlight. Their intelligence. Horses are wonderful creatures to study.


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