Day 88: Beginner’s Mistake


Day 88. March 28, 2012

Whenever I work with knives I fear the worst in my head – taking the tip of my finger off, a misstep in the kitchen leading to a knife through my torso – you know, the normal worries. I’ve had a phobia with knives for as long as I can remember. It took me years to gain enough confidence to work with anything sharper than a butter knife. But I overcame my irrational fears simply through exposure. Taking each slice, every chop at my own pace until my comfort grew. Now only the freak accident fears reside within me, creeping into my conscience every once in a while.

One instrument I’ve never really had a problem with are graters, zesters, and the like. I’ve brushed against them during use, caught my finger nails, sure. But never anything as serious as to demand a bandage. Until today. When my thumb knuckle came into contact with our Microplane (which I am absolutely in love with) while zesting a lemon for a recipe. It was kind of hilarious to see the blood coming to the surface in tiny little dots, as if a dozen pins had pricked me in unison. And to see the nearly perfect circle created from the missing skin layers. The pain is nothing above any other shallow cut, more annoying than anything else. The Hello Kitty Band-aid helps with that.


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