Day 89: Jack-Jack Attack


Day 89. March 29, 2012

This. Is Jack. Say hello, Jack. At just over a year old, he is far from cuddly puppy size. Yet with his brother and sisters being miniature dachshunds Jack is convinced he too is a lap dog. Isn’t he adorable? When he’s not jumping up on me, licking any visible skin, or rubbing his itchy butt on my feet – I’d agree with you. He is most adorable when he’s sleeping, unsurprisingly.  Mom says in the evening he jumps up in her chair with her looking to be coddled. I witnessed it a few nights ago – kind of hilarious.

Those are the kind of moments I’d love to capture. More often than not he wiggles in some way before the shutter can flutter, leaving most shots blurred or unrecognizable parts of dog. But today he was being a very good boy for me when I chose to pull my camera out. He likes to sneak in real close on it, sniffing all over, causing the lens to fog slightly. His curiosity fades quickly considering he can’t chew, eat, or lick it – so my shots must be quick and precise.

Today I walked in on him sitting on the couch alone watching TV & it cracked me up. I will have to post the photo below so that you also can laugh at him. To me Jack is my little bear cub, he looks & acts a lot more like a bear than a dog. Just look how he’s sitting:

Hot stuff, am I right? Oh, Jack….I love you.


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