Day 92: On the Road Again


Day 92. April 01, 2012

It’s hilarious and aggravating to me  all at once how an incident ten miles away from your current position on the other side of the highway can cause traffic to come to a complete stop. For 45 minutes.

Two things made this less irritating.

One, it was mostly sunny during our drive south back to Eugene. Two, I was with Jered. Drives with him are always wonderful. We talk about everything and nothing, tell terrible jokes, exchange stories – all the cliche things you see in a road trip montage. We’re cool like that. I usually end up taking out my camera to take shots of nothing in particular & sometimes I actually keep a handle of the few dozen I take.

It’s always the same scene driving I-5. Fields and livestock. I say hello the the cows, hello to the llamas, neigh at the horses, and baa at the sheep. I’m pretty sure Jered tires of it as soon as I start, but he humors me for a little while pretending to find it comical. I’m a strange one, I know.

When we get 15 minutes or so outside of Eugene at just about every mile we see a hawk (or is it a falcon?). The question is whether or not it’s a new one. Because it could easily be the same bird flying ahead of us and sitting on a fence post waiting for us to drive by, laughing at us. Only to do it all over again the second we pass. It’s a conspiracy I tell you. The birds are going to get us! I know I’m not crazy, Jered’s seen it too. The next time you’re driving I-5 look for the ever present bird of prey.


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