Day 95: Unruly


Day 95: April 04, 2012

Dyed my hair again today. It’s been so long I had forgotten how wonderfully brilliant a fresh dip can be. What saddens me is that my bangs are at an awkward length, same for my layers. But I don’t want to cut them at the moment for some insane reason, so instead I just throw my hair up in a bun or clip it back, hiding the delicious Bordeaux color. If I take the time to curl, it’s fantastic. But we all know that’s an unrealistic scenario both because I do not care enough to spend an hour on my hair alone only to spend ten minutes walking to Lawrence & 80 minutes in the dimly lit 115 lecture hall. And because I care too much about my hair not to damage it on top of coloring it. I’m in a state of limbo. Right now I feel like cutting it short when summer comes around. Any objections?

I talk a lot about my hair on here. Hah.


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