Day 97: Keep Portland Weird


Day 97. April 06, 2012

There are far too many things I love about Portland for me to list them all here. But what I love most is the ability to make my way into the city without the slightest clue of what I want to do and spend an entire day exploring. Jered came home with me for Easter weekend (it’s finally here!) and I knew I wanted to spend our Friday among the weirdness and beauty of Portland. So in preparing for the weekend I asked my dear friend Kristina if she wanted to join us seeing as how the three of us have not spent any time together. We hopped on the Max for traffic free transportation and enjoyed the lengthy trip into the heart of Downtown. 

It was a day of firsts for all of us. Kristina had never been to Stumptown before or tasted their heavenly coffee. Check. As always, our first stop was to Stumptown for Jered to get his dose of the best coffee in the Pacific Northwest in the form of a mocha, no whip, a mocha for Kristina,  & a small hot cocoa for me.

None of us had been to The Portland Leather Co. Check I could spend days lost among their back-room stock. The inventory! The possibilities! Someone, please, teach me how to make my own boots. The warm, rustic smell of leather greets you as you step into their store. A lot of people may be appalled by it, but leather is one of my all-time favorite smells. Mm. Cannot get enough.

Jered had not been into a Portland art gallery in the Pearl. Check. I wish that I had a decent amount of money for leisurely activities alone, so that I could fill my home with local artwork. There are so many talented artists & I want nothing more than to show my support for our shared passion.

Kristina had yet to visit the original Powell’s. She barely even had time to finish the sentence before Jered & I both proclaimed we must go! I don’t think I will ever see the day when I am able to view the entire expanse of that bookstore without needing to take a rest. My heart swelling, my feet aching, my eyes constantly scanning. How wonderful it is to browse the isles finding more books to add to my never-ending list.

Even more than our new experiences, what I loved most about our wanderings was simply talking about our dreams, our goals, where we wanted to go in life, what nearly impossible achievements have we set for ourselves. Our conversations flowed so effortlessly, as if the three of us have been close for ages. My soul nearly burst with joy as the day progressed in seeing my two best friends syncing up so flawlessly. I love you, Kristina! And I miss you already! May we both fall into a pit of money so that we can make art together and travel the world.


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